Nutrishe Complementary Therapies

Health and Wellbeing - mind, body and soul

Nutritional Consultant - Health and wellbeing, inside and out     
Reiki Master/Teacher - Stress management, help to achieve your goals    

Kinesiology - Balance and energy, calmness

Hot Stones Massage - Relax and energise, recharge      

Welcome - Time for change!

In everyday life, things can get on top of you both emotionally and physically. We all need to hit the reset button occasionally and recharge ourselves. You may have problems with your diet, have feelings of anxiety or stress, or perhaps just a general lack of energy.

My therapies complement each other, and consider the “whole person” approach.

They can be specific or combined together, and naturally help to support you in achieving a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Increased Vitality - Increased Motivation - Improvement in Health
Reduction in Stress and Tension - Deep Relaxation

To make an appointment or find out more please contact:

    Julia mb: 07969 785759      email:

  Fully qualified and experienced practitioner, with over 15 years experience - strong core values


Member of: The Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners / Professionally Insured

    Registration No: 642909.  GRCCT - The General Regulator Council for Complementary Therapies




Hot Stones Massage