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How we lived yesterday affects us today, and what we
do today influences our tomorrow. As a Holistic Therapist my
aim  is to help people achieve their goals, to live a much
healthier and happier lifestyle

Increased Vitality

Increased Motivation

Improvement in Health

Reduction in Stress and Tension

Deep Relaxation

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    My holistic approach seeks to treat the person as a whole looking at all aspects of life -    

    lifestyle, diet, occupation and emotions, rather than just looking at and treating the symptoms of   
    any current imbalances. The body will very often be in a state of imbalance, with the vital energy
    pathways blocked, this prevents the body and all its individual systems from functioning
    effectively.  Nutrishe complementary therapies help to restore the body’s natural equilibrium and
    when the body is relaxed and in balance it can cope with the everyday stresses and strains of life
    much more effectively.

    Complementary therapies can be used to target a specific physical, mental and emotional
    problems, as a preventative measure or purely for relaxation.  So whether you have a specific
    health problem or you just want to increase your feeling of well-being and simply relax more,
    why not try one of these beneficial therapies and see what it can do for you.

    To make an appointment or find out more contact Julia Spurr on 07969 785759/07900 477060  or
    email: julia@nutrishe.co.uk.

    Member of: The Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners / Professionally Insured
    Registration No: 642909.  GRCCT - The General Regulator Council for Complementary Therapies

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Mb: 07969 785759/07900 477060
Email: julia@nutrishe.co.uk