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Muscular disorders “Julia is extremely perceptive and has the ability to ask the right questions, explore the issues however small, and bring them altogether to build the bigger picture.  Her advice to make dietary and lifestyle changes have been adopted and I now feel a completely new person”.   

Irritable Bowel Syndrome “Positive, knowledgeable, encouraging, confident - Julia is all of these things, and more.  She has helped me to control my IBS where others have failed.  I’ve made many dietary changes she recommended, but most importantly I’ve gained more energy, a better complexion, and happier family in the process.  I have recommended Julia to many of my friends since”.  

Fatigue and weight issues “It has been 18 months since my first consultation with Julia. She had been recommended to me by a friend who had become fed up with my moaning about my lack of energy and general bad health. The consultation was friendly but extremely thorough, starting from childhood through to current work/life balance. I found Julia easy to talk to and felt happy to ask questions. She suggested I start slowly with simple changes to my day to day diet i.e. replacing margarine with butter. Changes which were easily achievable but which we could build upon. I found Julia to be extremely knowledgeable. For example she suggested a course of pro-biotics to help my sluggish digestion, the benefits of which I still feel today.  Julia’s biggest asset is her passion for nutrition and genuine interest in her clients.  Today I am a stone lighter in weight and have regained a zest for life.  I credit Julia with these changes and have myself recommended her to others”.   

Energy depletion and thyroid issues “Julia consulted with me for my hypothyroid condition. I found her consultation to be very thorough and professional.  Following our meeting, I was able to look at my condition in a different light and have modified my diet and lifestyle accordingly to great benefit.  Julia has a very personal approach to her consultations and offers education and advice to a very intricate level.  She offers an individual plan having obviously researched and planned her treatment and advice extremely well.  I would certainly recommend anyone to Julia on the basis of my experience”.

“How lovely to meet people so full of human kindness, thank you so much. Everybody leads busy lives and yet you found the time to email all the instructions”.

“A huge thank you for all your help”.

“Just to say thank you for the session on Saturday and the factsheets. It will make a big difference”.

“It was good to meet you today. I went into our session feeling quite low and came out feeling very positive and lighter.

IBS - Thank you so much I feel like you have really turned things around and I am really grateful.


“I felt so much more positive when I left, not just from the treatment but from your encouragement”

“I have felt great today, full of energy”

“Thanks for a great treatment, I’m feeling more energised now and also a lot more settled. Also feeling positive and ready for a good week ahead”

“Thank you so much for your time, I really enjoyed it and it certainly has given me food for thought - literally”.

“Thank you so much for your help, I enjoyed the treatment, came home and slept for nearly three hours, woke feeling calm and destressed. Wonderful!


“I felt genuinely relaxed after my appointment, it’s difficult to describe but it was like being in my own quiet space and content with everything!  Thank you Julia”

“I felt amazing following the treatment thank you so much”

Hot Stones Massage

“This was by far one of the most relaxing and calming massage treatments I’ve ever had.  The contrasting effects of the hot and cold stones was powerful, energetic and stimulating, but at he same time rather ‘spiritual’.  I’ve already recommended Julia to all my friends and will be going back for more pretty soon.”


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